Honoring the Whales
Canto XVIII, Sausalito, CA, 2005
Sounding the Conch as the Whale Guardian is born aloft.
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Honoring the Whales
Canto XVIII, Sausalito, CA, 2005
Whale Bone Path created by the audience & performers.
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Whale Guardian
Canto XIX, SOMArts, CA, 2006
Solo Performance with Whale sounds & Stuart Rabinowitsh playing Waterphone.
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Dying Seal
End Game, Canto XX
The Cheese Factory
Petaluma, CA, 2010
Installation and Solo Performance
which includes a film of a decaying whale documented for 5 months.
The Canto Series
Diana Marto's Epic Spirit Play with Paper & Dance
In the late 70’s to mid 80’s I lived in Japan and Hong Kong. I discovered the traditional uses of handmade paper in spiritual practices, and learned the ancient practice of papermaking without the use of machinery. During that time Kei Takei, the world renown choreographer and dancer named me one of Japan’s young choreographers for the American Dance Festival, Tokyo. While touring papermakers and papermaking villages in Japan I paid my respects to the Paper Goddess at her shrine in the mountains. It began to snow and I had a vision of the Paper Goddess “snowing” paper all over the land to bring healing to the people. From this experience I developed my Canto Series, my epic spirit play with paper and dance. They are visual journals of the teachings I receive from the land, both performance art rituals and installations of related art works. My first Canto took place in a Kyoto gallery and on a jetty in the Kamo River where I danced with 40 feet of paper, making a sculpture garden.  
The Cantos explore the themes of the mythos of place, the sea, and life passages. They are site-specific solo and group performances which incorporate storytelling, dance, and live sound scores for voice and musical instruments.

For instance "Canto XIX, Whale Guardian," is a site-specific performance with cast paper whale bones and an installation which is presented in out-door venues and art centers. The installation consists of suspended cast paper whale bones, cast wall relief sculptures with embedded sea kelp and a film of mother and baby whales cavorting in the birthing lagoons.
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