The Ineffable Courses Through My Body

40” x 50” sheets of paper, cut from a roll, are weighted to the cement studio floor with ocean rocks.  Closing my eyes, I find a sound, step into the middle of the paper holding a pencil in my right hand (I’m left handed) and begin to sweep the paper in lines.  The sounds of my voice along with the sounds of the different weight pencils scratching carry me deeper and deeper into the drawings.This work spans a little over a year of cataclysmic events, both global and personal. 

I know the sounds of the Japanese people.  I lived there for several years.  The images and sounds of the Tsunami are etched in my being.  I begin to visualize radioactive elements swarming inside the over-heated reactors. I touch a father’s unmitigated grief, witness a dear friend’s body wracked by disease.  Pushing remnants of oil sticks into the paper, sweeping with a sumi brush laden with black ink, slashing with an L-shaped nail ripping tearing the paper as it digs in, erasing, rubbing, smearing, sand-papering - all physical acts.

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Much of my performance work is about the moment, site, synergy exchange, ritual.  The act of drawing, an exorcism.  In October of 2011 I perform with WE Players in the prison on Alcatraz Island. We spend 2 nights sleeping in cells and I perform in solitary confinement.  These too I step onto my paper and plunge into the raw energies. 
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