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Diana Marto
330 North Franklin St. Fort Bragg, CA 95437
  phone: (415) 324-9672
  diana at dianamarto dot com
Art History B.A. Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois 1962-66
  Drawing Studio Simi, Florence, Italy 1968
  Printmaking & Sculpture Worcester Art Museum School, Worcester, MA 1968-70
  Etching & Engraving S.W. Hayter, Atelier 17, Paris, France 1972-73
  Monotype Nathan Oliveira, Independent Study, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 1976-77
  Traditional Japanese Arts Oomoto School, Kameoka and Tokyo, Japan 1980-81
  Contemporary Dance Graduate & Independent Study with Kei Takei, American Dance Festival, USA & Japan, Hong Kong, Maine, New York 1982-84
  Improvisation Terry Sendgraff, Berkeley, CA 2000-2018
Solo Exhibitions
  2022 Confluence-Ten Mile River, Canto XXVIII, Diana Marto Arts, Fort Bragg, CA    postcard
  2019 A Stone is Singing, Canto XXVII, Installation, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA
  2018 Jaguars and Angels-Canto XXVI, Part Two, Installation, ProArts, Project Space Windows, Oakland, CA
  2016 Golden Room-Canto XXV, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA    postcard
  2015 Lighthouse Installation, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA   postcard
  2013 Ineffable-Canto XXIV, works on paper, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA
  2012 Washi, works with handmade paper, Miyazaki Bathhouse-Gallery, Walnut Grove, CA
  2011/12 In/Out-Sacred Texts, Installation, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes, CA
  1998 Mudluscious, Canto XIII, Paper Installations, Sight Insight, Mill Valley, CA   postcard
  1996 Canto X, Paper Works, Sight Insight, Milly Valley, CA
  1995 Molten Wings, Mill Valley Film Festival, Mill Valley, CA

Canto IX, Paper Works, Sight Insight, Mill Valley, CA

  1992 Canto VIII, Paper Works, Museo Italo Americano, San Francisco, CA
  1991 Canto VII, Paper Works, Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  1984 Summer Waves, Memory of the Winters', Tokyo American Center, Introduction to Japanese leaders
  1983 Red Radiance, The American Library, Hong Kong
  1982 Be The Bird That Soars In Your Dreams, Gallery Beni, Kyoto, Japan
  1976 Iconic Wings, Palo Alto Cultural Center-Civic Cente, Palo Alto, CA
  1974 Solo Exhibtion, Montalvo Center for the Arts, Saratoga, CA
Selected Group Exhibitions
2021 Movement, O’Hanlon Art Center, Mill Valley CA - Juror: Daria Halprin
  Crossing the Divide, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA - Juror: Donna Seeger
2017 Paper As Voice, Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, CA Juror:Judy O’Shea
  The Box Show, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA
  Rhizosphere, Midway Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2014 Eagle's Nest, Installation, Toby's Feed Barn Art Gallery, Point Reyes Station, CA
2011 Avatars, Aliases, Alter-Egos, Members of Gallery Route One at Gallery 1044, San Francisco, CA
  Dreams, Sacred Gifts, and Artists as Mystics, Film and Discussion, O'Hanlon Art Center, Mill Valley, CA
2010 End-Game, Canto XX Installation, cast handmade paper works with "Decaying Whale" dvd,
   ART at the Cheese Factory
, Marin, CA
2007 Prophecy: Healing Time, William Torphy, Curator, SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA
  Opposites, 255 California Street, San Francisco, CA
2006 As Above So Below, Gallery Route One, Pt. Reyes, CA
    Big Sur, A Place Apart, Juried show, pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA
    The Sea, Slobodan Dan Paich, Curator, SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA
  2005 Sea Change, Bay Model Visitors Center, Sausalito, CA.
    Blue Planet Blues, Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, CA
    Ultra Marine, Gallery Route One, Pt. Reyes, CA
  2004 What Remains?, Addison Street Windows Gallery, Berkeley, CA
  2002 Day of the Dead / Entre La Luz Y La Muerte, Whale Guardian Installation,
    SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA
  2001 Art Safari One, Paper Installations, Alice Art Center, Oakland, CA
    Out of the Ashes, Cast Paper Installation, Sight Insight, Mill Valley, CA
    Day of the Dead / Ciudad de Los Milagros (City of Miracles), Paper Shrine Installation
    (collaborative work), SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco CA
  2000 Small Sculpture Competition, Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, CA
  1998 SightInsight Artists, Bay Model, Sausalito, CA
  1991 Paper Clothes 1966–1991, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY
  1990 Breaking the Line, Monotypes, Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    Canto II, Passage In Light (Video) Art and the Environmental Crisis, Gallery Route One,
    Pt. Reyes Station, CA
  1989 Golden Boat, Installation, The Pine Forest, Nantucket Island, MA
    Goddess Helmets, Communications, Nantucket Island, MA
  1988 Kala Group Show, Modesto Lanzone's Restaurant, San Francisco, CA
    Works on Paper, Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  1987 Impressions, Kala Institute Artists, Art Store, San Francisco, CA
  1986 Kala Exchange Trace, Paris, France
  1985 5 Modern Artists, The American Library, Hong Kong
  1983 Language of the Existing Arts, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong
  1981 Paper Art, The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA
    Paper, Painted, Printed, Plyed, Kala Institute Gallery, Berkeley, CA
  1977 Stepping Into Pure Space, The Artery, San Francisco, CA
  1976 5th Annual Bay Area Regional Graphics Competition, Helen Euphrat Gallery, Cupertino, CA
  1975 Worcester Area Artists Exhibition, Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA
Confluence - Ten Mile River, Canto XXVIII, Seaside Beach, Fort Bragg, CA, August 7, 2022    performance images
Confluence - Ten Mile River, Canto XXVIII, in the window, Diana Marto Arts, Fort Bragg, CA, August 5, 2022   postcard
In Memoriam: Stepping Stones to the Light Window Installation with sidewalk Ceremonies, Diana Marto Arts, Fort Bragg CA April 29 & May 2, 2022
Vocal & Movement Improvisation, Petaluma Arts Center, Petaluma, CA, November 20, 2021
On Sight Ritual with Annie Hallatt & Lucy Lewis, O’Hanlon Art Center Grounds, Mill Valley, CA, March 25, 2021
Enchantdress, Performance and Sound Installation, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA, 2019 soundscape
A Stone is Singing, Canto XXVII, Installation, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA, 2018  article
Jaguars and Angels-Canto XXVI, Part Two, ProArts, Project Space Windows, Oakland, CA, May 4, with Benjie Lasseau and Stuart Rabinowitsh, May 10, 2018
Jaguars and Angels-Canto XXVI, for Rhizosphere at the Midway Gallery, San Francisco, CA
   in conjunction with 100 Days Action, April 1, 2017
Golden Room, Canto XXV, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA. September 25, October 2,9,16, 23, 2016
   Golden Room Installation, Gallery Route One, & an abandoned building Point Reyes Station
Dance Anywhere, Getsemani, Cartagena de Indios, March 18, 2016 photo
Ancestors Speak, Solo Performances Along the Stream Trail in Redwood Regional Park Art and Nature Festival,
   Oakland, CA, September 20, 2015
Ineffable-Canto XXIV, Dances with Paper, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA. February 10, 2013
Ascension in Remembrance, New Town, Eight Street Studio, Berkeley, February 2, 2013
River of Light, Canto XXIII, Miyazaki Bathhouse and Gallery, Walnut Grove, CA, December 2, 2012
Alcatraz with We Players, Alcatraz Prison, CA, October 21 & 22, 2011
Whale Guardian, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, Saturday May 15, 2010 ~ at sunset on the rocks
Shibui-subtle beauty, Soundtrack of a life”, Cellist Sullen Primmest CD release Celebration, Fifth Street Farm, Berkeley,
   April 16, 2010., Friday, April 16, 2010
End-Game, Canto XX, ART at the Cheese Factory, Marin, CA, Sunday, March 14, 2010
Whales in the Night, Firehouse North, 1790 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA, Saturday, December 6, 2008
Dance As Its Made-CROW, with Vangie King, Artery, Emeryville, CA, October 19, 2008
Whale Songs Ceremony, with Suellen Primost and Jean Shinoda Bolen, for the Gather the Women Forum,
   Petaluma, CA., October 18, 2008
Canto XIX (excerpt), Grace Cathedral Courtyard, San Francisco, CA, Earth Day, April 22, 2007
Whale Guardian, Canto XIX, SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA, March 16, 2006
  Honoring the Whales, Canto XVIII, in conjunction with the California Current Project, Bay Model Visitors
   Center, Sausalito, CA, United Nations World Environment Day Sponsored event, June 4, 2005
  Praises For The World, Performer, Presented by Jennifer Berezan, the California Institute for Integral Studies,
   Scottish Rite Theater, March 22, 2003
  Essence of the Whale, Canto XVII, Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, CA, September 28th. 2002
  Out of the Ashes, Canto XVI, Ann O’Hanlon’s burnt house, Sight & Insight,  Mill Valley, CA, May 1, 2001
  Bone and Ash, Canto XV, Alice Art Center, Oakland, CA, March 31, 2001.
    Sight Insight, Mill Valley, CA, May 1, 2001
  District Six, Canto XIV, Capetown, South Africa, under the auspices of The Parliament for the World's Religions,
   December 7, 1999
  Mudluscious, Canto XIII, Earth Wisdom Ceremony & Installation, SightInsight Gallery, Mill Valley CA 1998
  Flying the Goddesses Colors, Canto XII, (Tanriçanin Renklerini Ucurmak) Canto XII,  Athena’s Temple & Assos Village,
   Commissioned by the Assos Festival,Turkey, September 26, 27, 28, 1997; partially funded by United States
   Information Service    performance image
  Mother Goddess Dance, Canto XI, (Ana Tanriçanin Dansi),, Commissioned by Anakultur Cooperative,
   Çatal Höyück, Turkey, June, 1997, & 1998
  Numinous, Canto X,
  International Center for Celebration Events, Marilyn Wood, Director, U.N. Habitat Conference & NGO Forum,
      Istanbul, Turkey, June 1996 information,  photo      
      Sight & Insight, Mill Vallery, CA, May 18 & 26, 1996    
Lineage, Canto IX
  The Marsh, San Francisco, CA, December 12 & 19, 1994 (excerpt)
    Sight Insight, Mill Valley, CA, July 14, 1994 postcard, program
The Majesty of Aliveness,
   Canto VIII, Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA, April 14, 1993 
   Museo Italo Americano, San Francisco, CA, Sept 25–26, Oct 9–10, 1992
  Dance of the Golden Thread–What Links Us? Canto VII,
   Fifth Emeryville Annual, Emeryville, CA, October 4, 1991 (for the visiting Russian artists)
   International Center for Celebration Events, Marilyn Wood, Director, Carol La Roche Gallery, Santa Fe,
      New Mexico, May l991
   Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA, February 14–16, 1991
   Hammett Pond, Nantucket Island, MA, August 22, 1989
  The Magnificat, Canto VI, Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA, May 24–25, 1990, 8th Street Studio,
   Berkeley, November 26, 1988   postcard
  Artist Assassin, Pro Arts roof, Oakland, CA, June 11, 1988
  Sentite! Cantare Un Cigno (Listen! A Swan Sings) Canto V, The Lab, San Francisco, CA, December 5–6, 1986
  In This Sense Death is to the Living, Canto IV, 8th Street Studio, Berkeley, CA, November 3, 1985
  Life Line, Tokyo, Japan, September 21, 1984 (by invitation)
  Winter into Spring, Canto III, Hong Kong Art Centre Studio Theatre, Hong Kong, March 19–21, 1984 (commission)
  Passage in Light, Canto II, Hong Kong Festival Fringe, cluster of rocks South China Sea, 10 hours,
   February 19, 1984
  Be The Bird That Soars In Your Dreams, on-going site specific event with a long roll of paper:
   Angel's Gate, CA, September 1 & 3, 1990, curated by the Los Angeles Art Festival
   Point Reyes, CA, "Artists and the Environmental Crisis," Gallery Route One, June 24, 1990
   Earth's Alive! Festival, Music Concourse, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, April 28, 1990
   Arroyo de la Cruz, CA, July 14–15, 1986 (private commission)
   City Centre Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong Festival Fringe, February 25, 1983
   Lamma Island Mountainside, Hong Kong Festival Fringe, February 5, 1983
   Kamo River; Kyoto, Japan, November 20, 1982 (sponsored by Gallery Beni)
   Battery Park landfill, New York, NY, August 1982
   Duxbury Beach, MA, July 25, 1982
  Ladder From The Dream, American Dance Festival Graduate Choreography, Durham, NC, July, 1982
  Red Radiance, Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong, April 11, 1982
  Celebration! performer, The Landmark, Hong Kong Art Festival, Marilyn Wood, Director, Hong Kong,
    February, 1982
  The Rose and the Dragonfly, City Center Plaza, Oakland, CA, August, 1979
   (sponsored by the Center for the Visual Arts)
Master Teacher Artist in Residence, Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito, CA, 2006
  Art Safari One selected by Wendy Blakeley for a 6 week artists' tour to Zimbabwean parks and conservation
   areas, July-August, 2000.
  Japan's Young Choreographers, selected by Kei Takei for the American Dance Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 1984
  Carp Swimming Up Stream, repeat performance for the Crown Princess of Japan, September, 1984
  Angel of the Mud, Florence, Italy, 1966
Mother Goddess Dance, Canto XI, Commissioned by Anakultur Cooperative, Çatal Höyück, Turkey,
   June 14, 1997, June 27, 1998
  Flying the Goddesses Colors, Canto XII, Commissioned by the Assos Festival, Turkey,
   September 26, 27, 28, 1997; partially funded by the United States Information Service
  What Links Us? Prayer Blanket, installation for the Global Green USA’s Third Annual Forum
   (Mikhail Gorbachev, Keynote Speaker) in the Presidio, San Francisco, CA, October, 1996
  Designed and coordinated The Earth Prayer Blanket in an Oakland Public School,
   funded by the California Arts Council through the Renaissance of Papermaking, Fall, 1995.
  Designed and coordinated The Earth Prayer Blanket handmade paper prayers
   from 10 Bayarticle Area schools, for Earth Day 1995, Presidio, San Francisco, CA, April 22, 1995.
   Commissioned by Foghorn Press.
  Artworks, Earth’s Alive! Festival, Music Concourse, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, April 28, 1990
  Painted costumes & Performer, Ellen Webb Dance Co., Zellerbach Auditorium, Berkeley, CA 1988,
   Oakland Museum Garden, Oakland, CA,1989
  Set design and painted costumes for Light, Part 23 - Pilgrimage Kei Takei’s Moving Earth,
   Israel Festival, Jerusalem; New York, NY; Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA; Arizona, 1987
  Carp Swimming Upstream, solo performance art event for Blue and White, Tokyo, Japan, 1984
  Ladder from the Dream, 50 foot cast pulp ladder for the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, 1982
Armstrong Barstow & Potter, San Jose, CA
  Barclay’s Bank, Boston, MA
  Pages for al-Mutannabi Street, Visual Art and Poetry, National Library of Iraq
  Henry Chan, Hong Kong
  Eco-Art Library, Prague
Whiting, Sam. Diana Marto sings to her paintings in Point Reyes show
The San Francsico Chronicle/Datebook, December 18, 2018
Larson, Vicki. Performance artist Diana Marto taps into the power of paper
Marin Independent Journal, February 7, 2013 article
Cheng, DeWitt. Prophecy at SomArts Gallery, Artweek, October, 2007, Vol. 38, Issue 8
Whale Advocates Rally at New Exhibition, review by Con Garretson, Marin Independent Journal,
   Sunday, June 5, 2005
  She is Everywhere, Anthology of Womens’ Writing, essay “Essence of the Whale,” published by I Horizon, 2005
  A Whale of a Performance, Hot Picks, The Weekly Calendar, Monterey West Coast Weekly,
   September 26-October 2, 2002
  Celebrating the Dead, review and color photograph by Robert Taylor, Contra Costa Times,
   Tuesday, October 30, 2001
  SOMARTS, City of Miracles, review by Sarah Lidgus, Art Calendar, San Francisco Bay Guardian,
   October 11, 2001
  Diana Marto Plays the Odaiko Drum, photograph by Jeff Vendsel, Marin Independent Journal,
   Sunday, May 13, 2001
  In The Footsteps of The Goddess, by Cristina Biaggi, published by Knowledge, Ideas & Trends, Inc., 2000
  The Golden Goddess, Sculpture (collaborative work) image reproduced in Burning Man
   Promotional Materials, 1999 & 2000
  Mother Goddess Dance, by Diana Marto, Goddessing, Issue 10, 1999.
  The Walk of the Dance, Interview and color photographs by Selcen Taninmis, Hurriyet Newspaper,
   June 14, 1997
  Ana Tanriçanin Dansi (Mother Goddess Dance), Interview and color photograhs by Nevval Sevindi,
   Yeniyuzyil Newspaper, June 18, 1997   article
  Canto XII, Live television coverage and in-studio interview for Four Seasons Women, onTRT-2/TRT-INT,
   June 18, 1997
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   July, 1997
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   by Simyacilara Özel, Biba, August, 1997   article
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  Habitat Wisdom on the Trail of the Goddesses, by Nihai Mete, Sabaln Newspaper, June 8, 1996
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  … and paper is my semaphore … The Elmwood Newsletter, Winter Equinox, 1991
  What Have We Got to Lose? Artists and the Environmental Crisis, published by Gallery Route One,
   Pt. Reyes, CA, 1991
  From Russia With Art, Laura Hagar, East Bay Express, Oct 11, 1991
  Diana Marto rehearsing with a flowing roll of paper for the Los Angeles Art Festival, John Corcoran on
   News Alive, TV Channel 9, Aug 31. 1990
  Kei Takei’s Searching Light, Pamela Sommers, Washington Post, October 2, 1987
  Paper Clothing East and West, Janet Koplos, FiberArts Magazine, Mar/Apr, 1984
  Women in the Arts, Ian Findlay, TV & Entertainment Times, Hong Kong, March 14–20, 1984   article
  Interview With Diana E. Marto with color photographs, Ross Lai, Sing Tao Wan Pao, Sunday Supplement,
   Apr 1, 1984   article
  An Early Bird Caught, front page photograph & coverage, Andy Browne, South China Morning Post,
   Sun, Feb 6, 1983   article
  Diana E. Marto, Be The Bird That Soars In Your Dreams, Photography by Eugene E. Phillips,
   Imaginary Press, 1982
  Be the Bird That Soars In Your Dreams, Kyoto Shimbun, Nov.22, 1982
  Paper/Art, Catalogue, Crocker Art Museum, January 17–March 1, 1981
  Paper/Art at the Crocker, Victoria Dalkey, The Sacramento Bee, Jan 28, 1981
  Fine Prints Featured in Fresh New Art Space, Charles Shere, The Oakland Tribune, Tues, Feb 3, 1981
  Artists Exhibit in Their Studio, Salli Wiley Robertson, Artweek, Nov, 1977
  Exhibit Features Women Artists, Palo Alto Times, March 26, 1976
  Florence Ordeal by Water, by Katherine Cressman Taylor, published by Hamish Hamilton, London, 1967
Gallery Affiliations
  Artist Member, Gallery Route One, 11101 Highway One, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
Hours: 11-5, (closed Tuesdays).
Professional Affiliations
  Board of Directors, Centro Culturaale Vei Aztlan, 2007-
  International Board of Advisors, International Center for Celebration, 1989–2000
    Artist-Advisor HERINN–Formation Center & Anakultur Cooperative, Turkey, 1997–2001
    Board Member, SightInsight, 1996–1997
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